Sean McBride is a Full-stack Software Engineer with a passion for pushing the frontiers of the JavaScript ecosystem. Prior to transitioning into software development, he spent five years helping government and the Fortune 500 solve complex infrastructure issues ranging from IBM mainframes to the public cloud. In previous chapters of his life, he’s been a West Point cadet, an Army Officer, and a History PhD dropout.

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01 Jan 2018 . . Biggest Blessings of 2017 Comments

Biggest Blessings of 2017 (or how I finally unicycled out of a swamp during a monsoon pulling a wagon of golf balls)

2017 was a heck of a year with many great things for me and my wife! Even though I tend to occasionally be a pessimistic jerk-face, even I recognize that the last year was pretty good. Here are a few things that I am thankful for from 2017 that bear special mention.

My hypothesis that Web Development would improve my career satisfaction was validated

Ideally, when someone graduates from college, they should understand their...



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Social VR built for the Google Daydream headset using React, A-Frame, and WebRTC.

Website | GitHub Repo


Lightweight editor supporting mainframe batch processing and datasets. Winner of "Mad Scientist Award" at a Hackathon.

Demo | GitHub Repo

Cookie Monsters

An e-commerce site built with React/Redux, Express, and Postres. Delicious!

Website | GitHub Repo

FAA Cloud Playbook

A flexible playbook for planning the migration of applications to the cloud.

Website | GitHub Repo

Classic Arcade Game

A browser game similar to Frogger built in JavaScript using the HTML5 Canvas.

Website | GitHub Repo

Old Town Alexandria

A single-page web app that overlays third party API data on top of a Google Maps depiction of Old Town Alexandria, VA.

Website | GitHub Repo